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(12 Nights & 13 Days)


Day 01 :- Departure from Home Country

Day 02 :- Arrive Kolkata(Calcutta)
Arrive Kolkata (Calcutta). Transfer to hotel. In this "City of Joy" one could visit the Jain Temple, Zoological Gardens, Victoria Memorial & drive past Howrah Bridge, Dalhousie Square, Fort Williams, Secretariat Building and Old Court House Street. A visit to Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity would also be interesting.

Overnight kolkata.

Day 03 :- Kolkata(Calcutta) Bhubaneswar
Breakfast and transfer to airport to board Bhubaneshwar flight. Arrive Bhubaneshwar & transfer to Hotel.

Afternoon visit of Bhubaneswar- the Capital city of the modern State and the ancient kingdom of Kalinga. Bhubaneswar is known as the Temple City of India. Among the finest of its 600 temples is the Lingaraj Temple of Shiva built in the 11th century, it is also the biggest in Bhubaneswar. Visit the Mukteshwara Temple built in the 10th century and known for its stone and arch at the entrance and is richly sculpted. With the tales from the Panchatantra carved on it, the temple is a magnificent example of Orissan architecture. The Rajarani temple set in picturesque surrounding is noted for its intricate carvings of floral, animal and human figures. It is built in the 11th century and has no deity. Parasurameswara temple a small but richly decorated shrine of Shiva built in the 7th century. It is one of the best preserved. It has sculptures featuring amorous couples, animals and floral motifs. Visit also the Vital Deul-tantric temple located closeby Linagaraj Temple.

Overnight Bhubaneshwar.

Day 04 :- Bhubaneswar Balliguda
Breakfast and leave for Balliguda in the district of Phulbani - 8 hours drive for your first night stay of the tribal visits. Enroute visting typical orissan villages and local markets.

Overnight in Balliguda.

Day 05 :- Balliguda Rayagada
Breakast. Leave for Rayagada enroute visting Tumudibandh, Belghar to see the Kutia kondh tribe and their villages and also the weekly tribal market at Kotgarh, which is attended by members of the Kutia Kondh & Desia Kondh tribes. The women are readily identifiable by the geometric tattoos worn on their faces and hands. These identifying marks ensure that they will recognize each other in the spirit world. We will visit a hamlet of the Dongariya Kondh, where women dress in white cotton togas and adorn themselves with a flashy array of hairpins and ornaments, ear and nose rings and geometric tattoos.

Overnight Rayagadha.

Day 06 :- Rayagada Chatikona Jeypore
Breakfast. Drive to Chatikona 45 mikns drive to see the colourful weekly tribal market of Dhongria Kondh tribes - The Kondhs are known in the history for their Meriah Sacrifice-Human Sacrifice. The Kondhs are of a Dravidian origin and speak Kuvi language. They practice elaborate birth, marriage and death rituals. Visitthe Kondh tribe and their villages- they love music and dance and spend their time merrily. They compose their own songs on love, marriage ceremony, harvesting and nature. The Kondh women wear two pieces of cloths, one around the waist to the knees and the other for upper portion of the body. The Kondh society is replete with festivities. The Desia Kondh tribe lives on the plains and they practice elaborate birth, marriage and death rituals.

Overnight Jeypore.

Day 07 :- Jeypore Bonda Jeypore
Breakfast and full day visit of famed Bonda tribe and their weekly market at Onukudelli. This is an intense market situated on the hilly main street of this tiny town. The Bonda has been described as the wildest, rudest and possibly the most interesting tribe. Known as the naked people, the Bonda are a fascinating group. They are named after the Bonda hills of Orissa's interior and are known for their stubborn, independent and often ferocious spirit.

Return to Jeypore enroute visiting the Gadaba tribe of the Austro origin at Lamptaput. The women wear a long strip of cloth tied around the waist and a second piece of cloth is worn across the breasts and tied over one shoulder. They also wear a number of ornaments including necklaces, earrings, nose rings, large silver hoops in their hair. Older Gadaba women also wear two very thick silver neck rings which are not removed until they die. Gadaba men wear lion cloths.

Overnight at Jeypore.

Day 08 :- Jeypore Kunduli Jeypore
Breakfast. Excursion to Kunduli. The Parajas are mostly found in Koraput district. Their language is Parji. The Parajas have a number of totemistic septs like Bagh-tiger, Bokda-goat, Netam-Dog,Pandki-Dove and the like, and harming or eating the totem animal is forbidden. Instead such animals should be respected. They worship various gods and goddesses residing in hills or forests. During wedding Parajas resort to dance and music.

Overnight at Jeypore

Day 09 :- Kunduli Taptapani
Breakfast and drive to Taptapani 7 hours maximum -enroute visting Kashipur to see the Kondh tribe and also the market at Laxmipur village of the Harijans.

Overnight Taptapani.

Day 10 :- Taptapani Chandragiri Tatapani
Breakfast. Full day to Chandragiri, Mohana area to see the Saora tribes and Tibetan settlements. he Saora tribes are mostly concentrated in Ganjam district of the State. The whole area is an intricate labyrinth of priciptious hills and valleys which are part of the Eastern Ghat-the height of the hills varying from 2000 to 4000 sq ft above sea level. They trace their origin to the Ramayana there is a reference of Savari, a Saora women whom Ram and Laxman met while moving about in the Dandaka forests in search of Sita.
Return in the evening to Taptapani.

Overnight Tatapani.

Day 11 :- Taptapani Chilka Puri
Breakfast and leave for Puri enroute visitng famous Chilka Lake-this lake covering an area of 900 sq. km is Asia's largest salt and fresh water lake. It attracts a large number of migratory birds, like the flamingo, teal, bar headed goose, shoveller and white - bellied sea eagle. For bird-lovers, Chilika is best visited in winter when the migratory populations wing in from places as far as Siberia.Close to the mouth of the lake, is a large population of Gangetic dolphins. A two hour boat is included. Later depart for Puri.

Overnight Puri.

Day 12 :- Puri Konark Puri
Breakfast. Visit of Konark- The temple chariot of the Sun God on the sands of Bay of Bengal is a 13th century architectural marvel. It is designed as a celestial chariot of Sun God, complete with twelve pairs of wheel and seven horses. This legendary temple has sculptures of great beauty covering all aspects of life. It is most famous for its erotic art. After visit return to Puri. Afternoon visit of Puri- Puri-the city by the sea- is a major pilgrim centre in India.Adi Shankara founded one of the peethas here. Puri is also famous for its Golden beach ideal for swimming and surfing. But the fame of Puri emanates most from the Jagannath Temple, which contributed the word Jurrernaut to the English language. The 12th century temple is known for its annual Car Festival. Also visit of Raghurajpur village - Patachitra painting, an art form akin to Batik, is created in the village of Raghurapur.

Overnight Puri.

Day 13 :- Puri Bhubaneshwar Kolkata(Calcutta)
Breakfast. Check out and leave for Bhubaneswar enroute visting Dhauli- ashokan rock edicts.

Arrive Bhubaneswar and transfer to airport for your Calcutta flight. Arrive Calcutta and transfer to hotel.

Overnight Kolkata(Calcutta)

Day 14 :- Kolkata (Calcutta)
Day free. Check-out from the hotel at 1200 hrs. Evening transfer to airport for return flight

Day 15 :- Departure

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